I took a dive into building a tvOS game called Matching Pairs. This game is same as the iOS game but there were some subtle differences that I want to bring up that may help others out if they decide to build a game for tvOS.

Just wanted to share an interesting aspect I discovered in UICollectionViewCell that makes it very easy to build a game like matching pairs or similar in iOS while writing very minimal code to handle selection and changing the UICollectionView cell on selection and deselection.

It has been sometime since I have used this, but back when I was taking C for C++ Programmers course in my undergraduate days, I did not know that you can pass function into a C function similar to passing functions in Javascript of other languages like Swift.

Have you tried to construct a complex query in Rails to do joins and order by different columns and have fallen into writing SQL because you could not construct a query using ActiveRecord’s querying DSL, then this blog post might help.

Recently I came across a problem of how to add Promocodes to an ecommerce site built using Rails. Thinking about the problem I thought of good programming practices that I can apply so that the code is clean and maintainable in the future as more different types of promocodes are...