Ankur Patel is an experienced web and mobile application developer specializing in iOS with a passion for making cool and innovative consumer applications. Ankur is a generalist who has worked with a variety of programming languages like Objective-C, Ruby, Javascript, Swift, Java, Scala, C, C++ and C#. He has held multiple roles in big firms like IBM, Oracle and Goldman Sachs and also has worked in a startup called MyTime. Ankur is working as independent contractor and does iOS, Ruby on Rails and Front-end Responsive Web Development:

At MyTime he has implemented several features written in Ruby using Rails framework. He has also lead the development of the MyTime iPhone App which allows users to book services through their phone. The app was featured in the Apple’s App Store on the day of the launch.

Currently seeking full time contract assignment but in his free time he is learning to master the new Swift language used to now develop iOS and Mac Apps and working on an open source project called Dollar to create a functional tool-belt for Swift language.

He is also an author of the book, Learning Swift - Building an iOS Game which teaches the readers on how to build an iOS game and publish it to the App Store. Several Swift concepts are covered in the game building process helping reader learn about Apple’s new programming language.

Specialties: Ruby on Rails, Objective-C, Swift, Javascript, ES6, Node.js.

Have worked and developer projects dealing with React, Browserify, RequireJS, Backbone, Angular, BabelJS, Java, Git, Xcode, iOS Passbook, iOS Push Notifications, Mac OS X Safari Web Push Notifications.

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Ankur અંકુર Patel

Ruby on Rails, iOS and Frontend Web Development follow me on Twitter @AnkurPatel

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